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H Project Space is very pleased to announce a research project and installation by Peeraya Suphasidh. For much of February, the architect-artist will stage a type of phenomenological research of H Project Space where the architecture is studied as akin to a human body. Suphasidh will examine hidden and overlooked structural elements, extracting significance through exploring analogies with skin and the mind. This period of work is titled Prelude: An Offset and Suphasidh will also test how visitors respond to her interventions. The installation Iterations of a Dream follows and runs to August 2017.

Suphasidh states, “I am proposing a view of architecture as a copy of our very being, a frail and fragile duplicate which can only be recognized when strength and care are paid. With these qualities of attention can it stand up straight, come back into shape, and find recognizable form.” Prelude: An Offset and Iterations of a Dream are interrelated by investigation into physical absences and gaps between the movement of our bodies and architectural structures. To explore such relations and differences is to summon both material and immaterial aspects of our being. While resident in H Project Space Suphasidh will heighten the audience’s awareness of the space and begin to create duplicates of body parts, corresponding blunt materials with the fluid nature of human senses. These duplicates will also highlight the scale of the space in regard to her own body.

Iterations of a Dream essentially explores how the innate fragility of the human body can be shaped in order to make visible dependency on the spaces that surround it and vice versa. Nevertheless, the title Iterations of a Dream evokes how the experience of our bodies is always multivalent and can claim the imagination and its unpredictable desires as well as the demands of practical function.

Peeraya Suphasidh is a graduate in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design, US where she was awarded the Thesis Prize in Architecture. Her group exhibitions include NOW: Galapagos (2015), Arts Letters and Numbers, New York; Complexity (2014), Gelman Gallery, Providence; and Slow Plotting for the Draftery (2014) at Sasaki Associates Gallery, Massachusetts. She held a fellowship at Arts Letters and Numbers, New York and has practiced as a professional architect in Tokyo as well as number of North American cities. She is currently based in Bangkok.


Iterations of a Dream and Prelude: An Offset
research and installation by Peeraya Suphasidh
February 1 – February 19
and continuing until August 20 2017