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H Gallery Chiang Mai is very pleased to announce an exhibition by Mit Jai Inn. Mit has emerged as one of Thailand’s leading artists with a practice that shifts from lushly painted surfaces to site-specific and participatory installations. Pastorale is an ambitious showcase of specially created works.

Comprising large canvases with Mit's characteristic repetition of bold passages of color, the physicality of the works - both in scale and heavily-worked surfaces - begets metaphoric interest. 'Pastorale' is a type of music that idealizes rural or farming life. The surfaces of Mit's paintings strike a hypnotic note and their presence is all-encompassing. The title is a paean to the myths of a peaceful rural population as the seductiveness but ultimate bluntness of the artist’s works reflect the complex dynamics of myth, gloss and a reality that inevitably bleeds through.  

Mit Jai Inn is based in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and exhibits internationally. Mit lived in Europe during the 80s where he worked with the renowned artist Franz West and also attended the Academia of Angewandte Kunst. Exhibitions include biennales in Singapore and Sydney, the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, and regional solo exhibitions including Phnom Penh.


New works by Mit Jai Inn
February 14 - May 31 2015
Curated by Brian Curtin