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H Project Space is very pleased to announce an installation of works on paper by the writer and visual artist Chath PierSath. Created during times spent in Cambodia, Turkey, Thailand and the US, Four Countries is an installation that further explores the artist’s interest in relationships between memory, recollection and the qualities of dreaming. The installation is a collection of paintings that re-ignite the raw, visceral appeal of traditions in expressionist art as the works shift between abstraction and narration, often appearing like fragments of thoughts, observations and insights on the nature of experience.

Chath is concerned with how one can become transformed through travel, when the rush of new experiences supersede the memories of old. Suggesting that the self is made and re-made, the places of Four Countries had a particular impact on the artist in opening new understandings of his place in the world. But, at the heart of the installation is a great sense of the transient or ephemeral, an acknowledgment that no matter how intense the experience, one’s physical and emotional states are always fragile and can quickly dissipate.

Chath PierSath was born in Banteay Meanchey province, Cambodia, in 1970 and moved to the US in 1981 as a refugee. He is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell and currently divides his time between the US and Cambodia. Chath publishes regularly and exhibits extensively. His poetry books include After and This Body Mystery (Abingdon Square Publishing 2009 + 2012); and anthologies include Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields (Yale University Press 2009). Chath’s exhibitions include Rhode Island Foundation Gallery (2003), Whistler’s Museum of Lowell (2003), Queen’s Gallery, Bangkok (2004), Kunming, China (2007) and Tally Beck Contemporary in New York City (2013).


An exhibition by Chath PierSath
March 13 – May 25 2014
Curated by Brian Curtin