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At Eat me Restaurant, Thai artist, Maymay Jumsai, presents a series of monochromatic abstractions dedicated to process, materiality and form. By first folding white paint and then black onto un-stretched canvas, the artist creates forms that spread across the picture plane. Maymay’s deliberate yielding to forces over which she has marginal control produces canvases of undulating horizontal black waves.  For Maymay, the expression of these labor intensive paintings is left open to viewer -- for some maybe an expression of Buddhist doctrine, for others a post-apocalyptic landscape and for others they may imply a search for the reconciliation of opposing forces, unification with the world and the achievement of transcendence.  This freedom of interpretation for the viewer is central to Maymay. The artist wonders what painting is actually about, what paintings are doing? Because people are taught how to look at paintings, Maymay wants the viewer to begin the process of interpretation by seeing only paint on canvas, and only then to move to interpret this “paint on canvas” as the observer wishes.
Siriprapha – Maymay - Jumsai na Ayudhya was born in Bangkok and educated in the UK at Goldsmith’s College (B.A. Fine Art), and US, where she received a MFA from the University of Chicago in 2013. She has exhibited extensively, including the Bridgeport Art Center (2013), Chicago, Lotus Art de Vivre (2012), Shanghai and a number of exhibitions at H Gallery. Other projects include commissions for the Privy Council Building and Plaza Athénée, both in Bangkok, and Maymay played the lead role in M.C. Chatrichalerm Yukol’s film The Last Love (2000-1). She has taught at the University of Chicago and Bangkok’s Silpakorn University.


MayMay Jumsai – New Paintings
August - October 2017