Specializing in Thai & Asian Contemporary Art

Recent Paintings

Thai artist Somneuk Huangtanapan, an MFA graduate from the Academy of Arts in San Francisco, presents abstract acrylic and gold-leaf canvases inspired by the landscape of Thailand.

Expressive and gestural in their execution, Somneuk’s earlier creative approach has gradually refined into a more rhythmic, almost meditative action. His compositions are often layered into two planes or realms, offering a duality to his art, a pictorial yin-yang existence reflecting the artist’s philosophical outlook toward individual spiritual adherence and fulfilment.

In this new series of paintings, Somneuk pays homage to Thailand’s abundant fields both natural and cultivated. His acrylic and mixed media on canvas paintings of exuberant gestures and grid-like patterns conjures a world of fecundity and plenty. The shapes and bold tones represent not any tangible landscape, but the powerful essence of it. A connection with and a deep understanding of nature, he believes, is essential to the survival of humankind. And yet, rapid urbanization in his native Thailand has undermined that crucial symbiotic connection between society and nature.


Somneuk Huangtanapan - Rcecent Paintings
August 1 - October 30, 2016