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Somboon Hormtientong . Somneuk Huangtanapan . Suwit Jathavong . Chatr Jenchitr . Sopheap Pich . Jakkai Siributr

H Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition at G 1 Contemporary featuring the work of six Thai and Cambodian artists.

In bringing together this body of disparate work the exhibItion initiates a conversation of color, line, form, and substance, and encourages the freedom to consider and glean emotional depth from individual pieces as well as in the contrasts and compliments between various artworks.

Abstraction invites interpretation. Like forces of nature eroding stone, complex systems give life to new forms and landscapes. Unlike the natural elements however, these artists’ methods of creation are inscribed by and evoke untold human emotions, histories, and memories. New relationships emerge when the intrinsic properties of the works are viewed together.

Kinetic splatters and drips of paint find foils in mute color fields and meticulously ordered compositions. The eye roves and wanders, is drawn into shadows and vortexes, and reflected in silver and oily sheen. Musings on meditative repetition, cultural signifiers, emotional control, and improvisation range back and forth. No response is too simple, and no contemplation too complex.


Recent paintings by South East Asian Artists
April 1 - May 31 2015
Curated by Andrew Strode