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H Gallery Bangkok is very pleased to announce an exhibition of paintings by Will Klose, his second solo at the gallery since 2011. British-born Klose is a Bangkok émigré and his works are deceptively quiet views of spaces and places from his adopted city. Essentially enlivened by a sense of intense deliberation, he explores the momentary affects of light and shadow on the seemingly casual poses of his sitter or the happenstance arrangements of objects. A graduate of London's famous Camberwell College of Arts, Klose invigorates traditions notable to that school: naturalism, neo-romanticism and abstraction as advanced by teachers and alumni such as William Coldstream, Keith Vaughan, John Minton and Euan Uglow. 
The title of this exhibition, Witthayu, refers to the district in Bangkok where Klose and his family live. The paintings depict interior views, often occupied by this wife who sits or poses before windows and doorways; thresholds that function as the predominant motifs of this series. Figuration sometimes melds into abstraction as Klose's interest in light erases edges or definition with the play of tones. Time is captured so acutely that one becomes aware of imminent change, and this symbolically mirrors Klose’s concern with interior and exterior, domestic and urban, the individual and the environment and, ultimately, familiarity and alienation; a subtly provocative response for someone continuing to negotiate foreign terrain.


New Paintings by Will Klose
November 8 – December 2 2012